Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Twin Arches at the Big South Fork

Twin Arches at the Big South Fork National Recreation Area was a repeat hike for us, but this time we explored the area more, spending a good couple of hours there. We camp for a weekend every August at the Big South Fork with about 50 of our closest friends (for real), and our family and a few others (or their kids) always take a hike on the Sunday afternoon after we check out of our campsites.

It's a short trail of 1.7 miles, although you can make it longer by taking the loop trail (4.6 miles). We were all worn out after our camping weekend, so we opted for the shorter trail.

Twin Arches is an absolutely perfect hike for all hiking levels, as long as one can handle steep steps.

The pay-off is fabulous: great views, lots of rocks for climbing upon, a small cave with a Fat Man's Squeeze, and, of course, the marvel of the arches.

Don't miss climbing up and on top of the arches! This is where the spectacular views are. And hold on to your kiddos if they are little or prone to peer over edges. It's a long way down.

Under the arches, there are lots of great nooks and crannies, including the Fat Man's Squeeze. As a bonus, this area is nice and cool on a hot day!

 I love hikes like this with phenomenal views and remarkable natural formations. The rocks are enormous and the arches truly astounding. Once again, I am reminded of how blessed we are to live right smack dab in the middle of all this beauty in East Tennessee.

Big South Fork is less than two hours north of Knoxville. It's kind of tricky to get there, but you'll probably want to go to the Bandy Creek Visitors' Center and start from there. Here are great directions once you figure out where you are.


  1. We absolutely LOVED this hike! The kids didn't want to leave and are begging to go back.

  2. Wow! What a lovely place to be! Your pictures are really great.

  3. Your pics are absolutely breathtaking! You continually inspire me to appreciate what's in my own backyard, my friend!


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