Thursday, April 21, 2016

Monthly Wrap-Up

The end of the school year is so close. We're antsy. We're tired of pretty much everything. We just want to hike and hang out with our friends and just relax.

The countdown is on. Just two weeks left of our co-op classes, and another 3 weeks beyond that for Duncan to wrap up a few other things. Unfortunately, he has a looooooooong way to go in algebra 2, so he'll probably be doing that all summer long. Or at least, he'll be doing math when he isn't away at one of his camps.

Just 10 more days until our girl comes home from her first year at college. Comes home for the whole entire summer. She's had such a great year, but I sure have missed her. I can't wait to hang out with her all summer. She says we are going to be vegan for a few weeks while the guys are at camps, so I guess we can't eat ice cream and stuff while we watch Netflix.

Since I last posted, we did a few more hikes. Laurel was home for Easter—her first time all semester!— and we hiked 5 miles to and from the Walkers Sisters' Cabin.

Randy and I went away for our anniversary and hiked the Porter's Creek Trail for another 3.8 miles.

The bear was actually in Cades Cove. We were in our van—not out taking pictures of her!

And most recently, Randy led a wildflower hike for our homeschooling group's hiking club on the Chestnut Top Trail.
Fire pinks and dwarf irises

The big event in our county was that the Blue Angels came for the first time in 16 years to do an airshow. We live a couple short blocks away from the airport, so we had front row free seats. Man, was it every loud around here last week!! Jesse, our oldest,  works at the airport and had to work insane hours during the air show—16 hours each day. I think he's recuperated by now.

Duncan's great accomplishment is that he finished the last three Eagle required badges, so he can begin working on his Eagle Scout project this summer!

And that's what's been happening in our own Small World!

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  1. What an awesome week! Love the pictures! Visiting today from Weekly Wrap-Up at Weird Unsocialized Homeschoolers. Hope you have a great day :)

  2. What a great month! I love how happy your kids look, and the nature there is breathtaking!

  3. What a lovely week! Visiting from Weird...Homeschoolers.

  4. I can tell how much you are looking forward to having Laurel back home for the summer. I understand. My younger daughter is away on a week long camp and I'm misssing her already. Meanwhile my older daughter moves to the other side of the world next week. So excited for her - but so far away.

  5. Love the hiking! Have you all done GeoCatching? It's a fun way to hike and discover. We did it once and it's on our list for the summer.

    1. Yes! We love GeoCaching! Lots of great places to do it!


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