Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Hiking 100

I've been doing a lot of hiking lately in order to finish hiking 100 miles in the Smokies by December 6. I'm making good progress, but I still have nearly 30 miles to go!

Here are some pictures of our most recent hikes.

Abrams Falls: 5 miles

Abrams Falls is a challenging trail for me. Lots of roots and rocks and, well, we also had biked the 11 mile loop at Cades Cove that morning. But getting in the creek at the falls made it all worth it! Lovely and cold on a hot day!

Meigs Creek: 7 miles
Randy and I added 7 miles with the Meigs Creek Trail last week. I really enjoyed this trail. We got there early on a Saturday morning and only passed a few people on our way back down.

Curry Mountain: 6.6 miles
My friend Cathy and I hiked the Curry Mountain Trail for another 6.6 miles on September 1. It was H-O-T!! It started pouring on the way back down, though, so we did get a little cooled off! We didn't pass even one single hiker that day.

Midnight Hole and Mouse Creek Falls: 4 miles
In August, a big group of us did the hike to Midnight Hole and Mouse Creek Falls. We spent a lot of time at the swimming hole—as did about 50 other people that particular day! That was just a short 4 miles added to my list— but everything counts!

Little River: 4.8 miles
Also in August, a group of us did the Little River Trail again for 4.8 more miles.

Those were my August and September (so far) hikes for the Hike100.  I'm really loving this Smokies Centennial Challenge and sometimes, even after 17 years, still can't believe I live by this incredible national park!

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