Saturday, February 25, 2012

Saturday Ramblings

* I'm sick. I have the worst cold I have had in years. (I probably say that every year.) Yesterday I had to teach class, and then I came home and collapsed. Today I have to go to the eye doctor, and then I plan on coming home to collapse. Yes, I am spreading my germs around town, just like every one else. So wash your hands and don't pick your nose.

• Last night our co-op had its annual "Black and White Dance." I hated not to be there, chatting with my mom friends and taking covert looks at my beautiful daughter. But I was at home eating vanilla ice cream and reading, which is my version of collapsing. Here she is before the dance:

She's so beautiful. I was just emerging from my awkwardness at this age. I think we had it rougher in the 80s.

Here she is with her two trusty sidekicks. They said last night's dance was the best ever. After the dance a bunch of her girlfriends came over for a High School Musical bash. I have no idea why. They thought it was hilarious. I could hear them still at 4:45 a.m., singing and laughing. I am so grateful that she has such good friends.

* So, I've made an observation about mom blogs. I truly believe that mom blogs that get an insane amount of traffic have this in common:
1) a tragedy, and/or
2) sharp wit, bordering on constant sarcasm and flippancy, and/or
3) constant give-aways.
(Pioneer Woman is probably an exception to this. She is witty, but I wouldn't call her wit sharp nor is she sarcastic. She has a great deal of warmth about her writing. She does give some awesome stuff away, though.)

* So big deal, right? Except that I am a little competitive, and sometimes I think about making tons of money on my blog. Or more than that, getting some kind of Big Award, like being on Babble's Top 100 Mom Blogs. It's absurd, I know. I'm still on blogger, for Pete's sake—I don't even have a WordPress blog! How lame is that? But I have been thinking about it.

* But. Let me say right now that I do not want any tragedies in my life, nor do I want to spend 6 hours/day on my blog, nor do I want to give stuff away, nor do I wish to be constantly sharp-witted. It clashes with the voice inside my soul.

* And that's all I have to say. It's a Saturday afternoon. The sun is shining, the daffodils are flowering, and, in frenzy of domesticity, Randy has made banana bread. I am off to the eye doctor, who I hope will give me a prescription so magical that my 46-year-old eyes will be able to read small print.

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  1. I was thinking some of those same things about "mom blogs" today, in fact. I am trying to finish this bread series and thinking how do people blog every day like this (except a whole lot better) for money. I gave up the money-making blog idea, when I realized how much I'd have to give up or how much drama I would need in my life just to make a little cash. :)

  2. I don't think I've ever commented here before (I tend to be a blog reader who lurks more than comments - sorry!), but I wanted to come out of lurkdom to say that I love your blog just as it is. I tend to dislike those blogs that seem to be all about making it a business (I'm even not crazy about Pioneer Woman because of this). I like bloggers who are real about how life is, but can be upbeat too. You do that. Your daughter is my son's age so I started reading to get ideas about hs'ing high school, but came to like your outlook on life and also that we share many of the same tastes in books (I've used your book lists to get reading ideas several times... not that I need to add to my TBR list or anything...). I really hope you keep your blog as small (no pun intended!) and as personal as it is. Also, I hope you feel better soon. No fun to be a sick mama!

  3. Hmm, I'll second Christine and say that I read your blog more than I comment, and I always enjoy your style and your writing. In fact, you were my inspiration for starting a book blog- which I really enjoy. :-)

  4. Ok. Let me just say this. I LOVE what you say about mom blogs - and I LOVE that you had the courage to say it so bluntly. I agree with you 100%.

    And... your daughter is beautiful - sounds like she had a wonderful time.

    I hope you feel better. :-)

  5. I like your blog just as it is! Feel better. I'm always jealous you're in the Smoky Mountains.

  6. I'd rather have an ordinary life and 2 followers than what it takes to have a "Top" Blog. It's not worth it. Besides, I love what you have to say, when you have to say it. Your children are beautiful, and so are you. Your family chronicles keep me coming back. I like to think of myself as "normal" and the blogs I tend to stick with are those that are "normal", too.

    Get better soon!!!

  7. I love your blog! We use your Wordsmithery for creative writing. Thanks for posting! Hope you feel better soon.

  8. I have noticed the same thing. I also know that if you feed your blog through Facebook or Twitter, your readers aren't necessarily followers. Most of my (dozen or so!) readers follow me through social media. They have no need to technically "follow."

    Every once in a while I start thinking, "I need more followers" but then practicality sets in. I am really blogging to not forget these precious moments with my kids -- and my other blogs have similar purposes. So to heck with it!

    I'm new here. Look forward to hearing what you have to say.

  9. Sarah, interesting thoughts on mom blogs. :-) If you really want to take your blog to the next level, how about keeping up on BEECH? The spirit of it is to be the best we can be with our blogs without compromising our principles or our families. I think you would like the vibe among us.

  10. Jimmie--I'm intrigued! But what is it? Right now it's just a front page with photos, right? I couldn't access anything else.

  11. I'm late to the party here, but I know what you mean about mom blogs. I've stopped reading almost all mom/homeschool blogs because of the (apparent) turn to blogging as business. I don't plan on taking your blog out of my reader, though.

    Is blogger passe? I do despise the new captchas.

  12. i found myself nodding in agreement throughout your entire post.

    being in the top 100 is overrated, i'm sure. ;) i had a wonderful opportunity to write for a lovely homeschool blog (which would have increased my traffic, for sure)... but i ended up turning it down to make sure i have more time with family. blogging can sure zap the time, if you allow it. right? so... i'm simply documenting life.

    in blogger. *giggle*

    by the way, you have a lovely blog. hope you are feeling much better by now! your daughter is be-au-ti-ful!!

    (oh... and thanks for the heads up on sonlight. my girls are getting excited. me? i'm still spinning my wheels on where to start my soon to be 7th grader for the first time in SL. right now i'm thinking core f, while i start my soon to be 5th grader on core d? oi.)

  13. oh... and i looooove that you get to see beautiful mountains from your windows!! we get to look at the construction of a new gas station being built right. behind. our house. no bueno! ;)


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