Sunday, May 29, 2022

We have a lawyer!


When I started blogging, he was 12. 

Then he became a teenager and then, in a blink, turned sixteen. He was an Eagle Scout and then graduated from high school and college. That all seems like forever ago.

Last July, he and Summer got married in Las Vegas, and we celebrated together at a big family campout when they returned.

Zooming after their wedding!

Family camping week, post wedding celebration

And now, he's a lawyer. While he was in law school, he worked on the law review journal and clerked at a law firm, and he graduated with highest honors—in the top 5% of graduates. 

You could say we're a little proud, yep.

"What's next?" That's what everyone asks. There is only one answer: pass the bar exam. 

Stay tuned! That happens in late July with results by October. Until then: he'll be studying.

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