Sunday, February 12, 2006

February 12, 2006: My brother's surprise party was better than mine!

How cool is this? So today is my brother's birthday. Turns out we both had a surprise party for our birthdays (his is actually today). Only his was WAY more exciting than mine (and mine was really fabulous) because he actually PROPOSED to his girlfriend at his party! I am just in shock. I cannot believe that, after 22 years of dysfunctional relationships with a parade of unstable women, my 42-year-old crunchy-granola-head brother is actually going to succumb to the institution of marriage. I am tremendously looking forward to meeting my future sister-in-law. They are actually coming down in March so that Jen can meet the Tennessee contingent. Hopefully I can find something to chat about with a woman who has a PhD from Harvard in physics. But my parents are thrilled. They have met her many times and are very happy for them. So whoo-hoo! Happy birthday to Stephen!

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