Saturday, February 11, 2006

February 11, 2006: Wow! I have a great life! Even if I am almost 40!

It's not that this is a huge newsflash. Most of the time I am acutely aware that I live a life that is seeped in blessings. But nights like tonight I'd like to capture in the palm of my hand, stick in my pocket, and pull out to rub like a rabbit's foot whenever I'm feeling a little blue.

Tonight my friends and my husband threw me an honest-to-goodness surprise party for my 40th birthday (which is NEXT Friday, thank you very much). It does a body good to look around and see a room full of people that have touched my life. All these people who have become colorful threads in our life tapestry just in the 6 years we've been here. Almost all of them fellow homeschoolers; a few were church friends. Lots of us were pregnant together in 2000, and our little babies are now 5 or nearly so. Sheila, Caroline and Chris, Leigh and Rick, Teri and Casey, Joy, Darci, Donna and Bill, Donna, Laurie and Glen, Sharon and Raymond, Lori, Vanessa and Mark, Adele and Tim, Elizabeth and Jesse, Lisa, Angela, Sarah, cup truly does runneth over. And my parents, who made sure all the bases were covered and kept me in the dark, and my 3rd brother and his family who drove over in spite of a billion things they have going on in their lives....And of course my husband, who told me I was beautiful, then made me sit in a wheelchair, stuck a "40" button on my shirt, and wheeled me into the party.

Nights like tonight I put away in my special treasure box with the ballerina on top, the one that holds my grandmother's laugh and falling in love with Randy in the hills of Tennessee...the one that holds baby Jesse's sweet smell and my newborn baby girl's huge brown eyes and the moment I first nursed my Duncan in the NICU...The one that holds Tracy and I dancing to Cocacabana and Kris and Del's goodbye....This was a treasure box night.

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