Friday, May 19, 2006

May 19, 2006: A clear sign that it’s time for summer break…

You know that they’ve just had enough when your Bible study goes like this:
Me (reading from Acts 7, Stephen’s speech to the Sanhedrin): …And Abraham became the father of…?
Jesse: Um, um, um…
Laurel: Jesse?
Jesse: Um, um, um…
Laurel: Um, um, um…
Jesse: Um, um, um, oh, what was that guy’s name…?
Laurel: Isaac!
Me (smiling weakly and continuing): Later Isaac became the father of…..?
Jesse: Joshua?
Laurel: Joshua, Judges, Ruth?
Me (sighing and continuing): …Jacob, and Jacob became the father of….?
Jesse: Oh, those 12 dudes!
Laurel: The 12 disciples!

I fear their brains have turned to mush. Summer beckons.

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