Wednesday, May 3, 2006

May 3, 2006: Flowers Abound


I love this week's flowers. As if to make up for the fading of the azaleas, a whole new cast of flowers debut. The columbine are wonderful. I love self-seeders. This year I was surprised and thrilled to find a mysterious yellow columbine right smack up against purple irises. Where did it come from, this lone yellow among columbine, all the rest purple? I hope this one throws seeds far and wide.

The roses are postively loaded, from the climbing red rose over the garden arch to my father's favorite, "Rose Rose." My mother has always had a rose garden, and little by little, I am following in her path. I try to add one new variety each year, but this may be an off year. Perhaps I'll reward myself again next year as those debts disappear.

There is always much to do in the flower beds. Yesterday Duncan and I weeded the front flower bed and planted dwarf irises that Jennifer shared with us. We need loads of nice topsoil and mulch. A trip to Pope's is in this weekend's schedule, if all goes well! I am itching to get the impatiens planted before the hot, dry season starts. This month is perfect for planting.

I love dirt beneath my nails--good red earth.

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