Saturday, September 23, 2006

Sept. 23, 2006: Glimpse of the Future

laurel and bess

Laurel and her friend Bess recently had an opportunity to get the works done at a beauty salon: finger- and toe-nails painted, copious make-up, and wedding-like up-dos. In black and white they still look mostly like little girls, but in full color....I saw the future clearly. How can a mom not get a lump in her throat when your daughter stands before you six years older? It's amazing what lipstick, a few coats of mascara and some (OK, a lot) of eyeshadow can do.

She had lots of fun, but she actually said, "Yay!" that evening when I suggested she go wash her face and get all the make-up off. Then she had to take a shower to get all that sticky hairspray out. That's my girl! I hope she gets married barefoot.

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