Monday, January 8, 2007

January 8, 2007: Project 365

Inspired by Tia, I've decided to chroncile one year in our life with a daily photo. I'm working on setting up a separate blog for my own Project 365, but in the meantime, here is Week 1, January 1-7:

Monday, January 1
I love my new purple slippers.

Tuesday, January 2
Arthur Clide Courson, home at last.
December 18, 1912-January 2, 2007.

Wednesday, January 3

Gloomy gray days in Indiana, planning Grandpa’s funeral.

Thursday, January 4
The built-in iSight camera provides hours of entertainments (while spending gloomy days in Indiana).

Friday, January 5
We head to Danville, Illinois for Grandpa’s funeral. Friday afternoon we spend with Randy’s biological dad, Terry. This is the first time Duncan and Laurel have met Grandpa Terry. Randy and his brother, Greg (here in the photo with their Dad), lived in Danville until 1976.

Saturday, January 6

It is traditional for the Courson clan to gather at The Deluxe after a funeral, wedding, or just whenever something special happens. We are blessed to be a part of this large and loving family, although we seem to only meet at funerals.

Sunday, January 7
Home again, home again.

And so we finish week one of 2007: Four lovely people called home (Randy’s Aunt Helen, Grandpa, Suzie’s mother, and my Aunt Blanche); 700 miles of road traveled; 6 late nights filled with good conversation and food; and one dog in ecstasy at the sound of our van in the driveway at the end of it all.

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