Monday, August 20, 2007

On Becoming a Handyman

August 20, 2007

Something remarkable has been happening around here. Are genes catching? Can a geneticist discover the latent handyman gene? The list of projects that Dr. H.has accomplished around here this past week is astounding:
* He fixed the switch for the bathroom lights. We no longer have to shower in the dark.
* He did this amazing double-light project in the bedroom closet, so I can actually see my clothes!
* He replaced the broken knob on Jesse's door with a shiny new one, so now Jesse can come downstairs! We've missed him! He's been trapped upstairs for several days now.
* He fixed the light in Laurel's bedroom. (I supposed I have to mention that it stopped working later that night.)
* He unclogged the drain in the basement and reattached the air-conditioning pipes.

All that, and he folds laundry, cooks a mean fried rice, and does dishes. I am soooo keeping him. And no, Neal, not the shelf. Yet.

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