Tuesday, August 14, 2007

On Being Published

August 14, 2007

I finally received my copy of the latest The Old Schoolhouse magazine, in which I have two articles. It seems so long ago that I wrote those, and, in fact, it was a year ago that I inquired about writing the article (pp. 166-169) about our Around-the-World summer camp (last summer). The AHG national office asked me to write the article (pp. 156-159) on AHG and Homeschooling, and of course I was happy to oblige. Who am I to turn down a writing request? The funny thing about writing for publication, though, is that you spend so much time (physical and mental) on the writing process that the actual publication itself is somewhat anti-climatic. My own eyes have been on the articles countless times, although it is satisfying to see the pages all nicely laid out. One thing I have learned, though, with my poetry publications, is that the real satisfaction comes a few years down the line when I'll pull this mag off the shelf, read these articles again and say, "Wow! I wrote that?" It really is fun to be published!

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