Saturday, August 18, 2007

Girls' Night Out

August 18, 2007

I've had two Girls' Nights Out in two nights. Thursday night was our support group's Moms' Meet and Greet, which was absolutely fabulous. I remember that feeling of being a new homeschooling mom and becoming part of a support group--the combination of anxiety, joy, and excitement. We have an awesome group of moms (and families) in our group, and I truly hope that all of these women who attended will find such an amazing group of friends as we have been blessed with through the years.

And I've read several blogs today about last night's much anticipated High School Musical 2 premiere. HSMomof2 wonders if she's raising freaks; PartyofFive and her crew sing their hearts out, while her husband Mike ponders his place in this dancing family. Here in SmallWorld, Laurel and her friend Bess have been planning for literally months for their HSM2 party. Just before the show last night, the girls started arriving with snacks, PJs, and pillows. We let the girls use the apartment (my parents' winter home, which is attached to our house) for the great event.

Laurel and Bess had various HSM paraphernalia just in case the girls weren't excited enough, including movie posters (one on the door, above), plates, and napkins. They even decorated a cake for the occasion. While the little girls settled in to watch the movie, a few of us big girls watched from our living room. Sadly for the dads, they were relegated to the kitchen and its tiny TV to watch pre-season football. I tried to be sympathetic, but really. Football vs. a classic like HIgh School Musical? That's kind of a no-brainer (no pun on either football or HSM...).

The girls were transfixed with Troy, Gabriella, and Sharpay, who looks dazzling on the screen above. Apparently there was a good bit of dancing and singing going on over there. I wish I had a Nanny-cam so that I could have watched the girls watching the movie!

When it was over, they all ran outside in the pajamas to play a heated game of flashlight tag before their parents arrived to take them home. As cheesy as the movie is, I'm glad the girls had that evening to share. I hope Laurel will treasure the time with her friends, feeling secure and optimistic that life will always be filled with singing, dancing, and happy endings.

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