Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Dream Day

September 5, 2007

As Laurel was getting ready for bed the other night, she described her dream day to me. She said, "I want a day when I can get up, watch 'The Waltons' and 'Little House on the Prairie' all morning, play on the computer whenever I want and as much as I want, talk on the phone, play in my room, and eat anything I want." So I made her a deal: if she gives me three solid weeks of no complaining, she can have her dream day.

And now I'm thinking: I want that day! I want a day in which I do only what I want to do. I want to spend hours at the computer if I want to. Read books. Eat chips. Talk on the phone, maybe. I want a whole day in which I never have to referee fights or fix a meal, get snacks, or say, "no." Actually, I want two days. The first day would be cleaning day, because I couldn't properly enjoy my All-About-Me Day if my house were dirty. So two days: one for cleaning, and one for lounging.

So if I have three solid weeks of no complaining, I wonder if my Dream Day(s) will materialize...

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