Friday, September 14, 2007

A Deep Breath

September 14, 2007

It was one of those weeks. Dr. H. and I realized that if we could survive this week and remain sane, then we would be in good shape. Exhausted, but in good shape. This was one of those weeks when everything was happening. Enrichment classes and show choir on Monday. Swim team, Biology class, the World's Biggest Blog Party, and Book Club on Tuesday. Music lessons and church on Wednesday, with Randy and I beginning our first of 20 weeks facilitating a parenting class. Thursday brought art and then our first meeting day for Cub Scouts and American Heritage Girls. Duncan was ecstatic about last week's pack meeting and couldn't believe that he actually got to start den meetings this week. Here he is with his buddy Noah. And yes, they are both first graders. Duncan's really, really tall for his age, and Jen Mc's Noah is a bit on the wee side!

We kicked off our American Heritage Girls' year by making AHG t-shirts. It was an ambitious undertaking, but the results were well worth it. Here's Laurel making hers:

By the end of our meeting we had 70 shirts spread out drying by the parking lot and lots of very messy girls! While we encourage girls to wear their uniforms for meetings, we often ask them to wear their "Spirtwear" tees on field trip or messy craft days. They had a blast and the results were unique to each girl.

The first meeting is always chaotic. Parents have questions, girls are everywhere, papers need to be filled out and money paid. By the end of the meeting, Caroline and I were utterly exhausted and still had cleaning up to do. And dinner to get at home, and kids to soccer and to bed and.... Thank goodness for Friday! With just swim team, horseback riding, and Boy Scouts, the day has seemed a breeze. And, oh yeah! We actually had a great week of homeschooling at home, too!

The spinning has now officially stopped. Because this week contained so many fall "firsts" (swim team, Wednesday night church, AHG, and Cub Scouts) and some extra evening events (Book Club and Blog Party), as well as some regular "every-other-week" activities (Boy Scouts and horseback riding), we were absolutely swamped. And it feels so good to come up for air and know we made it through. A lazy Friday night and the weekend ahead are sure to be luxurious.

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