Saturday, January 12, 2008

Baby Photo Contest

January 12, 2008

I know I should be going to bed, but I find this contest impossible to pass up. This contest is sponsored by Learning Never Stops who just went on a trip somewhere with Gayle and Cindy (whose blogs I read faithfully), where they ate a lot of food and took picture of weird sculptures.

Speaking of weird, here's the contest:
Post a picture of yourself as a baby or young child. (grade school pictures are fine). Hilarious and embarrassing pictures will get extra credit . Pictures w/ you near macrame... an extra 10 points...60's and 70's hairdo's with FLAIR, flips or (gasp) ringlets....extra 20 points.....

So without further adieu...

It starts all good and sweet: me in a dogwood tree...

And with my brother, dapper in his suspenders (please ignore my literally drooping drawers and focus on how darned cute we were). Dateline: 1967.

Things start going downhill in the 70s. Are we pitiful, or what? Why am I wearing black skates, and Stephen is wearing white? Why did our mother make us wear dust masks? Why can't our hats match our mittens? Did any of our friends see us, or were they dressed like this, too?

My father and my oldest brother are quite stylish, aren't they? Their sideburns are very sexy. My Dad used to always tuck his pants into his socks so that the cuffs didn't get caught in his bicycle. I think it's a good look. And of course, my own ensemble is chic. Anchors away!

And, wow. This has got to be the photo that will pose stiff competition for the prize. I can guarantee there is macrame all over that living room, but if that's not enough, just take a few minutes to absorb pure 1970s.

I'll say one thing: I bet no one ever accused our family of being out of style!

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