Monday, January 14, 2008

Monday Memory: Brothers Again

January 14, 2008

I know I posted quite recently about my brothers, but they are what's on my mind today. Stephen (in the middle) is coming for his semi-annual visit, and so we're all getting together over here this evening. (Well, not all of us. James hasn't been at a family event in 10 years. And that was a brief appearance at my parents' 50th anniversary celebration.)

So today I'm cooking and cleaning in between schooling and looking forward to an evening with these three and whichever of their family members can come. Last I heard Stephen was bringing a friend from Bosnia. He's always bring friends from somewhere.

The picture above is from John's wedding in I think 1979. I'm glad I'm not in the picture. That was an extremely bad year for me: big glasses, braces, and for some crazy reason, I had short hair. Not a good look.

They all have less hair now, for sure. But they sure look better without those little bows around their necks! What was up with that?

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