Monday, April 21, 2008

Monday Memory: Grandbabies

April 21, 2008

Perhaps nothing marks the passage of time so clearly to me at this point in my life as this: my little nieces, the granddaughters in the photo above, are mommies (April, the middle one in the picture, has two step-children). And more than that, my brothers are now grandfathers. What amazes me in the photo above is how young my parents were when they were grandparents during these early years. Since I am so much younger than these brothers, my own children have had older grandparents. They were in their mid-50s then; now they are in their 80s.

My second oldest brother, John, and Abigail, born March 31.

My third oldest brother, Peter, and Justus, born March 16.

While we are past diapers and pacifiers, Dr. H. and I are still in deep in the world of plastic toys, loose teeth, and bath times. It seems impossible that someday Dr. H. and I will hold the little heads of our grandbabies, and this is when I hear all those church ladies whispering:
"Enjoy them while they're young; time goes too fast."

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