Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Wednesday Miscellany

April 23, 2008

* Do you ever think, "Eek! I'm behind on blogging!" I'm trying to psychoanalyze myself on that whole thought process, but I don't get very far.

* These past few weeks have been insane. Absolutely, crazily nonstop. It all started on March 29 with our Homeschooling 101, and then the next week brought the start of Tuesday night Small Group at our house, and then I had a 4-day trip to Cincinnati for the American Heritage Girls National Leadership Convention, and then Dr. H. had a 4-day trip to a conference, and mixed in with all of that was regular life: homeschooling, teaching classes at our co-op, maintaining our home, American Heritage Girls, music lessons, etc. etc. etc. And sandwiched in with all of that, two new babies in our family and the emotional strain of having one baby in the NICU. And, because we didn't have enough excitement in April, Mom and Dad decided to buy a house down the street.

* So, just today I've finally posted Project 52 from the past few weeks. April is the month that rivals October for beauty here in Tennessee. As amazing as autumn is with its reds, oranges, and yellows, April's pinks, purples, and greens are just as spectacular. Dr. H. will likely disagree, I know, but I think his spring allergies cause him to rate autumn more highly on the scale. Just look at this exquisite dogwood! And to think, that is right outside my back door. That still amazes me.

* Mom and Dad bought a house yesterday, and then headed back up to New York today. This all happened so quickly. From November through mid-April, my parents have come down to Tennessee for the past 7 years. We have an apartment attached to our house that has been their snowbird home. Of course, we've been trying to get them to move down here permanently all of this time, but for various reasons they have not felt ready until now. And when they make a firm decision, they act upon it! They've been eying a particular house just down the street for a few months now, and, as it turns out, it's perfect for them. Everything has gone so smoothly, and they'll close next month. When they'll actually move down here permanently is up-in-the-air. They have to go back to New York and put their house on the market and pack up a lifetime.

Usually, the day that my parents leave to go back to New York is a hard one. The house feels so empty for the first few days. But this time we all parted joyfully, knowing that when they come back again, it'll be for good.

In spite of the back-to-back obligations of this past month, the Lord has lavished love and blessings upon us, and joy abounds. We are blessed beyond measure.

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