Saturday, June 21, 2008

Happy Summer!

It's a perfect summer day here in our own small world. I've been enjoying a unique week of relaxation. My schedule has been tremendously lightened in activities this week, and I've done crazy things like read in the middle of the day and nap.

But I think I might concentrate better when I have a full plate. My senses are more sharpened, and I'm more aware of my calendar.

Which comes in handy. Calendars are for things like appointments, lessons, practices, events, meetings, and birthday parties. Birthday parties? Birthday parties? Yes, so this afternoon, while I was napping like a slug, Jesse took a phone call from my friend asking, "Where is Duncan? Emily's party started at 3:00!"

Where is Duncan, indeed. Outside playing at the neighbor's, completely oblivious to the calendar, as was his sleeping mother and reading father. I am mortified. I am pretty sure I've never completely forgotten a party before, and this is one of our closest and oldest friends.

I know she will forgive me, and I know she will understand. But still, I am mortified. No more naps for me.

So anyway, I was taking a nap because I stayed up really late last night waiting for Jesse to get home from a concert. Actually, it was a very cool night for him. Our friend Mike, who heads up Feed Your Faith, was co-sponsoring a This Beautiful Republic concert up in Knoxville. He took Jesse and two of his friends along with him to help set up and tear down for the band, unload and load up equipment, etc. Of course the best part was that they got to hang out with the band and have dinner with them. This is totally Jesse's favorite thing to do, so that was awesome. I did, however, have to stay up until he got home around 1:15 a.m. And of course I had to read before going to sleep, so I was up late. (This is all part of my excuse about why I was taking a nap.)

Normally I wouldn't be the one staying up waiting for our son to get home (not that he's ever come home at 1 a.m. before), but Randy and Laurel were having a wild adventure at the Lost Sea for our American Heritage Girls Father/Daughter overnight. The Lost Sea is an awesome cave with America's largest underground lake, and our dads and daughters did the special overnight adventure.

Here they are as the left for the evening; they were much, much dirtier when they came home!

I have one more thing to say, and then I need to watch Dr. H. cook supper. (I was going to say that I need to fix supper, but it's Saturday night, and that means Dr. H. cooks!) Laurel and I made the easiest and cutest apron today, and a few days ago we made an adorable tote bag. All you need are dish towels, a sewing machine, and a tiny bit of sewing skills. Go check out Laurel's blog for pictures and a link to how to make these!

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