Saturday, June 14, 2008

I Got Distracted

June 14, 2008

See, here's the problem with summer projects, or projects of any kind, for that matter: I get distracted. These past few days we've actually had some good soaking rains, and I had to get out and work in the flower beds while I could. I have 2 major flower beds at this house, both of which have several sections within them. I also have about three other smaller flower beds, and a vegetable garden. Usually I get distracted and flit from one area to another, but tday I tried to be focused and stick with one flower bed, and I really made some good progress.

I finished planting my favorite little triangle of impatiens.

This area is on the other side of the impatiens bed. I pulled up 2-3 wheelbarrows full of weeds, planted several hostas, Corabells, and lantanas, and mulched about half of this flower bed.

Another project, going on about 4 years: this sign used to be at my in-laws house. When my father-in-law died and my mother-in-law remarried, she gave us this sign. It needs repainting and our house number is not 207, but who really cares? I yanked about 30 yards of poison ivy off of this tree.

So that particular flower bed--the first one you see when you pull in our driveway--is looking much better. I still have a bunch more perennials to plant and more mulch to put down, but it looks like we may have another rain and a couple of days in the 80s coming up soon.

If I work fast, I might be able to get to this next flower bed, which is possibly even more daunting:

Beyond that archway is a mess of weeds and lilies. I have great plans for that area, many of which include Dr. H's help and money. And since tomorrow is Father's Day, I guess I can't really drag him out to help me.

My house is a filthy pit, but I feel satisfied anyway. Painting the kitchen and cleaning can waiting until the long, hot, dry days of summer set in.

(And I'm glad I'm not a manicured-nail kind of girl. I have some seriously scary looking dirt under my nails.)

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