Thursday, July 31, 2008

The Party's Over!

Let me just say that I have really, really enjoyed this party! I think my new blog is officially broken in. I started out being really good about commenting on everyone's comments, and I must apologize for slacking off the past few days.

As you know, we are getting ready to go on a long and bittersweet vacation, as we visit my parents' home in New York one last time before they sell it (bitter) and move down here (sweet). You can read all about that on Day 3's post here. I have been trying to get ready for this trip, prepare for our support group's annual kick-off (which I just got home from), get ready for a new year in American Heritage Girls, help my brother sell his fabulous peaches, and just hop along with regular life.

All that to say: I appreciate all of you who've come to my party and played along! I have read each and every one of your comments, been to your blogs to see your posts, and smiled a lot. You all are great!

And so without further adieu, I announce my top 3 Party-Goers:
#1: Suzanne from God is Good
#2: Leah at Courtney Family Happenings
#3: Marbel at Two Kid Schoolhouse

Each of you will be receiving an gift card in your email box in the next few days! Don't panic if you don't get one right away; remember, I'll be on dial-up!

Again, thanks to everyone for coming to my party. Now I've got to finish packing, water the plants, and put in my Rainbow Resource order so it's waiting for me when I return. Oh, and that cleaning the house thing? It's not happening.


  1. Well, hopefully, you'll remember to take the trash out! ;) (I have to make myself a list of all those "mundane" tasks that need to be completed before leaving, or we're likely to leave the house for a week with the A/C set on 60 because someone bumped the thermostat on the way down the stairs.)

    Wow! Thank you! I'm glad I won!!! :)

    Again, I hope the trip goes well. Don't worry about my gift card 'til you get back. Relish the moments!

  2. Wow, how fun! Thank you!

    Have a wonderful trip. Don't worry about the cleaning, but yes, remember the trash and be sure to run the disposal. There is nothing like coming home from vacation to discover a bit (even a little bit) of stuff left in the disposal...

  3. Thank you for the contest! I'm so glad I won!

    Have a good trip, and don't worry about the house cleaning. As my dh says, "That's okay the mess will be here when we get back." :-)


  4. Have a fun and safe trip and I'll 'see' you when you return. :)

  5. i guess i should say we've connected on facebook! what is odd is that we probably had many chances to become friends back then. i hung out with many of the same people you hung out with! anyway, i'm glad for the connection now.


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