Monday, July 28, 2008

Housewarming Party Day 4

Welcome to Day 4 of my Housewarming Party! Part of my motivation in having this party was that I thought I would be spend time working on my sidebar, organizing entries, adding links, and all that kind of good stuff—kind of like putting all those pictures up on the wall of your new house. But I haven't quite gotten around to that this week. Instead of working on my blog, I've been doing things like playing croquet and making chocolate chip cookies.

Croquet is so much fun! We used to play this all the time when I was a kid. My brothers are ruthless players; I haven't taught my children any of their made-up rules, like ways to knock your opponent's ball a mile away. We play nice croquet. Our lawn is kinda lumpy and once in awhile you have to dodge dog poop, but that just makes it more interesting.

Here is a photo of the amazing cookies I baked this evening. Are they not the most pathetic things ever? They are very reminiscent of my Amish Friendship Bread. I believe I left out 1/2 c. of flour. As you can see with the ones to the back, I did add more flour and the subsequent batches began to resemble cookies eventually. Of course they are still delicious, and everyone is feeling nauseated from chocolate overload.

So all of this chit-chat is bringing me to my 4th and next-to-last Party Favor.

Party Favor #4
For today's Housewarming Party Day #4 Party Favor, just answer this question in the comments for 10 points. Feel free to elaborate on your answer!
If you are going to a party, would you rather play games or would you rather sit around and chat and snack? Let me put it this way: If there is a game of Pictionary, for example, going on in one room, and in another room several people are talking and munching on chips (or normal-looking chocolate chip cookies)—and you have a good friend in each of those rooms with whom you feel comfortable— which room would you join?
That's it! And remember, you can always do the
Week-long Gifts (leave me a comment to say you've done any or all of these, each time you do)
1. Mention SmallWorld's Housewarming Party on your blog, and you'll get 5 points each time you do!
2. Put my party sign on your blog somewhere, and you'll get 10 points.
3. Subscribe to SmallWorld and get 2o points! (How to subscribe: look on my sidebar and click on the button that says "posts" under the header "subscribe.")
4. Cut and paste the day's Party Favors on your blog for 10 points each day.
5. And by the way, you can jump in the party on any day, and you can even go back and do the previous days if you missed them the first time around! Our door is always open to new friends!
See Day 1 here.
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Thanks for playing! I've been enjoying all your answers! I may just send the winner a box of my own special cookies....


  1. That's easy. Games hands down. That was how most of my gatherings with friends used to go (when I lived where I had friends). Of course, we were so good, we were able to combine munching on yummies along with the playing of games!!

  2. I would likely chat for a while and then go play... or at least watch the action. I really enjoy both, which is odd seein' as I am so shy.

    BWAHAHAHA!! Did you about die when you read that????

    I love your new site by the way.


  3. I despise games at parties. I think it's because I have never been very good at them.

  4. That brought back memories of playing croquet at my grandparents house...I miss those games....

    Anyway....I'd be in the talking room. Not much for games in least the pictionary/charades type games.

  5. Do I get extra points for having your button on my blog in multiple locations in the sidebar and at the bottom??? :)

    Regarding the "question of the day" (aka Party Favor #4):

    I guess my AD/HD-recently-self-diagnosed-tendencies make it hard for me to decide. If there were friends in both places, I'd probably end up watching from the sidelines in the game room... then going into the other room and eavesdropping for awhile. Then, I'd wanna see who was winning, so I'd go back in the other room. (Repeat, repeat, repeat.)

  6. Minnesota... yep, you bet, then! I could go for some snow! (We were in Blue Earth... ever heard of it?)

  7. Those cookies, even the ones with supposedly-not-enough flour, look scrumptious to me!

    Yummy, mushy, soft cookies!

  8. I would be a game player! I love to play games.

    I posted today's Party Favors on my blog.


  9. I'm very much an introvert, and highly non-competitive and I tend to avoid any and all games. I will, however, be happy to observe and cheer for any game-players.

    I enjoyed wandering around your blog and getting to know you a bit. I know where Trumansburg (and Trumansburg Road) is, and when we lived at Seneca Army Depot we used Geneva as our go-to town more often than Ithaca, even though we went to church in Ithaca and my husband worked at Cornell. My daughter took dance lessons from a very elderly pair of ladies in Geneva, and we used the public library there a lot. And I shopped for groceries in several stores there, and bought our apples from the apple place across from Wal-Mart.

    We haven't had any GREAT apples since we left up-state NY in 1995. I still miss Crispin apples the most - haven't had one in 13 years, but the thought of them makes my mouth water!

  10. Yahoo! (I was hoping all my hard work to "mention" was put to some good. -- hee, hee!) :)

    Actually, I was hoping my mentions might bring some more competition. Have you noticed?

  11. i would definitely be in the chatting room. i've never been into games much to my kids disappointment. i'll suck it up now and then to play a game with them, but NEVER at a party when there is an option to talk to friends!


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