Monday, March 2, 2009

Monday Memory: Month of 20

All you'll see here this month for Monday Memories is pictures of Dr. H. and me. I hope you don't get sick of hearing about us, but this is the month for celebration: March 25 will be our 20th anniversary! Twenty years! How is that possible? It truly doesn't seem that long ago—23 years, in fact—that we had our first picture taken together. See us up there? We had no idea what all was headed our way, from gut-wrenching heartbreak to pure joy and everything in between. We were just college kids, holding hands and walking up and down the hills of a tiny college in the mountains of East Tennessee.

We didn't know that someday we would scrape together all our change to buy cheeseburgers at McDonalds, or that one day we'd stare in utter amazement at a positive pregnancy test. We didn't count on spending Christmas day in the hospital having a baby and watching him being whisked away to the NICU for the next week. We never imagined how hard it would all be or how utterly perfect it would all be. We knew absolutely nothing except that we were crazy about each other. We were just kids.

Obviously, 20 years calls for a blog party, a big blog party! I'll be having two giveaways on my blog this month, but you'll have to do more than just leave a comment. If you follow me regularly, you know I like stories.

So get ready to tell me some good ones! Stay tuned for details later this week!


  1. We're looking at twenty years in December. I cannot believe how quickly it has flown. . .

    I'll work on a story or two. :)

  2. Twenty years!!! I am so glad you two are a part of our lives and have been a great couple and example to us....
    Now, go get away and let us have Duncan for a weekend!

  3. How bizarre! Our 19th anniversary is this month on the 24th! We are just "1*" off from each other! LOL

    Enjoy your 'rememberies'. It is fun to look back and see where you've been and with whom.

  4. Congratulations heres to lots more

  5. oooo...Blog party!

    That is a wonderful photo of the two of you :) Congrats!

  6. We celebrate our 15th anniversary next week. I guess the old adage applies: Time sure flies when you're having fun! Congrats on your 20th.

  7. Wow, congratulations! We're only up to seven :).


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