Saturday, September 26, 2009

Weekly Wrap Up

This week was utterly insane. Some weeks are like that. I'm not sure what I did, but I know for sure that every single second was filled up and I never even blogged and I have a dozen blogs to catch up on and a dozen games of Word Twist on Facebook to play to keep my husband happy. ;-)

Monday was enrichment class day and then something else that I can't remember. Tuesday was chauffering day and then our Moms' Meet and Greet party for our homeschooling support group. Wednesday was spent in a frenzy of getting ready for American Heritage Girls on Thursday. Thursday was spent in a frenzy of getting ready for AHG and AHG itself. We had one of those meetings that involved lots of running here and there and working really hard. About half of our troop were slated to make t-shirts, but the project took much longer than we anticipated, and a whole group didn't get to make theirs. But most of them turned out gorgeous! Also, my niece and her baby (from Ohio) came to visit Thursday, and my 2nd (from NY) and 4th (local) brothers came to visit Thursday evening. Friday I had to drive Jesse down to Townsend to work at a fundraiser during the Heritage Festival for several hours in the morning and early afternoon, and then back into town to teach my World Lit class. Finally, home to pack up for the weekend. We didn't get a whole lot of sit-down "school" done this week, needless to say. But a few math lessons were done, some history read, and some grammar, writing, and Latin. Some weeks are like that. I am confident my kids enjoyed the flexibility that comes with homeschooling--the time spent with a sweet baby cousin and their grandparents and uncles, and more family this weekend.

And today we are relaxing. At the end of a long, obscenely busy week, we are relaxing at my brother-and-sister-in-law's house in North Carolina. We're celebrating my mother-in-law's 70th birthday here this weekend, and this is truly the place to come to relax. Their house is luxurious and my brother-in-law is a phenomenal chef. We're having a 7-course meal this evening in honor of my mother-in-law's 7 decades. The last course is dark chocolate fondue, and there's a whole lot of good stuff going on before that. I remember words like "scallops" and "smoked salmon" and "bacon-wrapped roasted endives."

And did I mention that they have The Beatles Rock-Band here for the Wii? Outrageously much fun.

But now I'm off to help blow up 70 black balloons.

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  1. Wow! Sounds like an incredibly busy week. I just have one question: Can I come have dinner with you tonight? ;-)

  2. Schooling at the speed of life! It definitely keeps you on your toes. Enjoy the time with friends and family- it is such a blessing to live near each other. Being in the military that doesn't happen very often for us!

  3. Ah, yes...we had a week much like yours..tonight is PNO at church and Micah and I are meeting Mike for sushi :)

  4. What a busy week! I have alot of those also. Sometimes life learning is even better than school book learning and the earlier I recognize this the better off everyone will be. Have fun at the party.

  5. I am totally all about Life Lessons... thats what we call it when we are busy but not with actual book work school work... =) Sometimes thats more important...

    SOunds like a lot got done this week... Have a great weekend!!!

  6. Oy, I hope you all enjoy a good rest. You deserve it!

  7. Wow! What a busy week! Don't you love the flexibility of homeschooling, though?! Dark chocolate...say no more! Yum! Happy Birthday to your MIL!

  8. We didn't get much school work done this week either. There's always next week. LOL I think the only "interruption" will be grocery shopping.

    Wait scratch that. I now remember we have a doctor's appointment and an outing to a museum. Sigh...


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