Saturday, September 5, 2009

What We're Doing This Year, Part 2

I blogged here about what my senior is doing this year. My other two learners are in 7th and 3rd grades. We begin school at 9:30 and end about 2:30 or so, except for all the days that the ideal schedule never happens, which is most days.

We spend Mondays at our support group's enrichment class program. I'll be teaching a literature circle class focusing on World War II experiences (teaching with a friend), Basic Essay Writing, and Basic Debate (with a friend). Laurel is taking: literature circle, note-taking skills, Latin, and worship dance. Duncan is taking: art, hands-on science, legos, and hands-on history.

On Tuesdays Duncan goes to the local Montessori school all day for a theme-based class. For the next couple of months they are studying geography with an emphasis on maps. Laurel and I do math and other catch-up items, and we'll also set aside this time for enrichment class homework. In the afternoon we head out for her drama and international dance classes.

The rest of the week we spend on our at-home work. Duncan and Laurel do Bible, creative writing (more lessons are forthcoming!), art, and history/literature together. This year we're doing a second year of Sonlight Core 4 with my modifications. They work separately on everything else, including lots of personal reading:

• Saxon math
• Wordly Wise
• Spelling Power
• Latin Roots
• Easy Grammar

• Saxon math
• various grammar workbooks
• Spelling Power

I'm probably missing a few things, but that's our basic schedule.


  1. hey hey friend ... have I told you lately that I have given up blogging? just thought I should put it in writing somewhere. there.
    check that off my list.

  2. I'm so glad to hear you'll be adding more lessons to WordSmithery. My daughter (7.5) and I have completed the first 4 and I was worried we would be out of lessons soon. Thank you!

  3. Thanks so much for the comment on my blog. Somewhere along the way I lost your comment when I tried to post it. My laptop has a mind of it's own today.

    You sound like you have a great year ahead of you. Have fun!


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