Saturday, November 28, 2009


My girl and I have been ushering in the Christmas season with decorations old and new. We're far from being done with the decorating, but we did make a couple of new ones this year.

This one was so fun and easy! I think it took me about an hour to do this afternoon.

Laurel made this ribbon garland almost entirely by herself in just a couple of hours.

Both of these projects come from Edie's 12 Days of Christmas Tutorials at Life in Grace. The Noel hanging is here, and the garland is here. Laurel also made Christmas tags today, and on that post, you can see a list of the other 12 days of tutorials. She has simple and easy gift and decorating ideas, and I need simple and easy!

But all that craftiness wore me out, so it's time for buttery popcorn and Elf. Hope you all are having a fantastic weekend!


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