Friday, November 13, 2009

If You Came To My House Today…

If you came to my house today, you'd probably wonder where you could sit down. You'd probably look around and say, "Holy COW! What a slob!"

It's the end of a very, very busy week. Cleaning has not been a part of this week's agenda. The kitchen counters are fairly clean but only because I had to go through piles of paper to get to find the stapler. Those piles of papers were mostly my son's many drafts of his college application essays. Many, many drafts.

The dishes are mostly done, but only because I had to do them to get to the crockpot at the bottom of the sink. I needed the crockpot for tonight's supper.

There is an ironing board in my dining room. I've never had an ironing board in the dining room before, but the living room was so crowded with laundry baskets that I couldn't put the ironing board in its customary spot. I had to iron my son's green Boy Scout pants and iron on the Life Scout patch that he earned about a year ago. I'm a little behind on that.

The living room, as I said, is crowded with three full laundry baskets. At least I can say that the baskets contain folded laundry, thanks to my husband.

The hallway has a huge pile of laundry and a laundry basket filled with stuff I scraped off the counter 2 weeks ago before our big soup party. I really should go through that and find all the bills that are no doubt due by now.

The bedrooms, well, let's not talk about bedrooms. My daughter's is clean because she enjoys keeping her room clean. Our bed is made because my husband makes it every morning. Yep. That's all I can really say about bedrooms.

I forgot to mention dead flowers in all the vases. Books and papers piling up on surfaces. The hedge-trimmer, gloves, and pruners I left out on the front porch last weekend. The dying 'mums all around the outside doors.

But it's all okay. Some weeks are like that, and the important thing, my husband is actually yelling this moment: "we survived this week!"

Tomorrow I'll begin the process of putting it all back together again. Until then, I'm really, really glad that no one really came to my house today…

What would we see at your house today? La Vida Dulce wants to know!


  1. I wouldn't be deterred. I'd just move the pile over and start folding. And you're right: there is something sweet about making it thru another week! Happy weekend.

  2. I'd feel right at home....and I'd bring fresh flowers :)

  3. I've felt like that this week too....and our vacuum is broken which just doesn't do well with the amount of bodies in our house....but I did have unexpected company Friday and it was a mad dash to get the house (with all bedroom doors) presentable in time

  4. I glad I came to your house today!

    There may be laundry, but what ever you are cooking in that crock pot smells delicious.

    I never look in the bedrooms of friend houses (unless asked too!). As a matter of fact 9 times out of 10, my downstairs is tidy but the upstairs? Always in slight disarray.

    Thanks for playing!

  5. There are weeks that just don't lend themselves to getting done what we had planned. And my solution for the clutter on the kitchen counters (especially all the PAPER) is to scoop it all off into a basket until I have time to get to it. Of course, I lay out any bills first, because I have been known to totally lose/miss paying a bill because it was still in the "scoop basket"!
    A lived-in home is a loved home, & I have had a friend fold the laundry on my sofa when my children were young. So I too would just start folding the clothes.
    Thanks for inviting us into your home!

  6. Kristina was just lamenting yesterday the dead & dying mums on our front porch and wishing she had time these past couple of weeks to look after them!