Saturday, February 6, 2010

Weekly Wrap-Up

This week was a little calmer than the past two. We had a couple of weeks of serious math drills, and now we're back to our regular Saxon. Laurel is tremendously looking forward to switching to Teaching Textbooks next year. I signed up for a trial subscription to ALEKS, thinking we might go that route for the rest of the year, but she was pretty resistant to it. Still, I have another couple of weeks left on my trial subscription, so we'll see how it goes.

We have just two more chapters left in Cheaper By the Dozen. We've been loving Kristina Campbell's awesome study guide that goes along with the book. I'll give a more thorough review of the study guide when we finish the book, but let me just say that it enriches the reading of the novel is tremendous ways. I highly recommend both the book, the study guide, and the original movie. (Please note that the more recent Steve Martin movie has almost nothing to do with the book, other than that there are 12 children in the family!)

All are other subjects continued on as usual. We did manage to do creative writing this week, which is always a bonus. We are currently finishing my WordSmithery Lesson 8, Form Poetry, which means another WordSmithery post will be coming up soon! I know—I'm so lame in producing this with any sort of regularity. But I take comfort in knowing that you all know how that goes.

I suddenly realized that neither of the kids are taking a science class this session at our co-op, so we've decided to study the human body. I was excited to find in my files a whole Human Body Lapbook, created by A Journey Through Learning. I guess I downloaded it once through CurrClick's weekly freebie, so that helps tremendously! I am still gathering the rest of my resources. We have several good human body books on our shelves and a couple more missing-in-action.

For co-op classes, we have to read Mr. Tucket at home for Duncan's Boys Book Club (which heabsolutely loves). I wish I'd known about these great books by Gary Paulsen when we were doing our Oregon Trail unit last year! Laurel has homework in Latin, essay writing, and literature circle. Because she is the daughter of procrastinators, she has put off doing all her co-op class work until this weekend.

I don't talk much about what's going on in my senior's schoolwork, because really I don't have much to do with it (other than teaching his World Lit/World geography class at co-op). He's in the homestretch of high school now, just finishing up with the lit/geography class and Russian. He also takes piano and guitar lessons at the community college. Because he took Biology at the community college last semester, he is finished with science for the year. He has tons of elective credits and he finished his last required math credit last year and opted not to take any more, so he's having an easy last semester.

And that's what's happening in our own SmallWorld. How was your week? More weekly wrap-ups here at Weird, Unsocialized Homeschoolers.


  1. My daughter was not a fan of the ALEKS math site either.

    Cheaper by the Dozen sounds like a fun study. I loved the original movie. I may have to add this in for our "summer school" :)

    Have a blessed week,


  2. I love, love, love Cheaper by the Dozen! I really enjoyed reading the book and watching the movie (the original, of course).

    Thanks for stopping by my blog the other day! Feel free to stop by anytime. The light's always on!

    PS We're weird, unsocialized homeschoolers, too. Ain't it fun?

  3. We just finished reading Cheaper by the Dozen this week. In between basketball games today, we watched the original movie. Loved it!

  4. you are so sweet to say those things. I only wish my latest study guide had made the cut! We, personally, are really enjoying Teaching Textbooks ... at least I am. For once I know what is going on ALL THE WAY THROUGH, not just by luck.

  5. We are thinking about the switch to Teaching Textbooks too. What are your thoughts about switching midyear?

  6. My son is really looking forward to the switch from Saxon to Teaching Textbooks next year too! Still not sure what I'll do with my daughter...


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