Saturday, February 13, 2010

Weekly Wrap-Up

Here's what our week look liked, in excruciating detail.

Monday: Co-op day. I teach two sessions of intermediate essay writing and co-teach a literature circle, this session focusing on African-American literature. Those are all for middle-schoolers. Laurel takes two of my classes, show choir, and Latin. Duncan takes art, boys' book club, and Legos/how things work. It was really, really, really cold. I wore new shoes.

Tuesday: We finished Cheaper by the Dozen. I got all choked up, yet again. We did a little creative writing and lots of math. I have become Math Drill Sargent. Duncan went to my parents' house while I took Laurel to her drama and dance classes. That building was really, really, really, really cold. In fact, there was no heat. We could see our breath. My brother came in from New York. He made us miss American Idol.

Wednesday: Spelling! Math! Human Body lapbook! Started a new book about World War 1! Oh, and it snowed, so all the schools got out at noon because there was like a whole quarter-inch of snow on the ground. We, however, did not end school. But church was canceled, so we again had my brother and parents over for dinner and birthday cake (my brother). That was amazing cake. My brother taught Laurel and me how to play poker. Another valuable math lesson.

Thursday: I piled the kids up with math, reading, and grammar to do while I ran to Walmart for sundry items for American Heritage Girls and life in general. Desperate times call for desperate measures. Canceled Laurel's flute lesson because she hasn't yet adjusted to playing the flute with braces. AHG and Cub Scouts all afternoon. Duncan had to also go to Boy Scouts with Randy and Jesse that evening because Laurel and I had to stay and decorate for the Father/Daughter banquet. Got home late but didn't miss the exciting premier of Survivor, another high quality, mindless TV show that we enjoy around here.

Friday: No school. Too crazy of a day to even pretend. I took Duncan over to a friend's house at 12:30 and there he still is (I hope). I taught my World Lit/geography class in the early afternoon, which was highly amusing as the students read Oedipus Rex aloud. The rest of the day, from 3 p.m. until 11 p.m., was devoted to more preparation and then the production of the annual AHG father/daughter banquet—and the cleaning up afterward.

But it was all so worth it for about 50 pairs of dads and daughters, like my own sweeties above. Came home. My sweetie presented me with a box of white chocolate-dipped strawberries. I promptly ate two and then watched the Olympic torch being lit. Went to bed and read 1 page. Collapsed.

How was your week? Wrap it up at the Weekly Wrap-up, if you're so inclined!


  1. Duncan is still here, I promise! I can hear the giggles coming from downstairs while they play the Wii. And Caleb says he saw a commercial where they sing "I wear no pants" so they marched around sining it last night. with pants on. then Caleb says "I think it is an underwear commercial!"
    wait, did I just blog on your blog?

  2. Your post is HILARIOUSLY, randomly funny! Glad to see you are still alive (and in new shoes, too!)...

  3. One word: BUSY. Wow you guys accomplished a lot, both academically and extra curricular.

  4. I hope your toes are warm by now. Do you still have snow? ;-)

  5. Love the picture of daughter with dad - what a fabulous event.

  6. i enjoyed this. you have mastered the art of being funny, interesting, informative, random, and brief all at the same time. (i can never manage to accomplish all of those things at once. especially the "brief" part.)


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