Wednesday, June 1, 2011


There's hardly anything that I like to do better in the summer than sit on a bench in the evening and watch the world go by. Occasionally the world is a sunset in Florida and my family barefoot in the waves.

Most of the time, though, it's a bench in our own backyard. Doused with mosquito spray, Dr. H. and I sit and contemplate. The cat rolls on his back in the mulch. The dog whines at the back door. Our teenage daughter comes out, phone resting on her chest, and says, "Can I go to ____ with ____ tomorrow?" (The answer is nearly always yes.) We chat about everything and nothing as the air gets just a fraction cooler and the sun sets behind the trees. Duncan catches fireflies and brings them to us one by one. "This is Sam. This is Frodo. This is James."

Happy June. I hope you have a good bench somewhere in your life.


  1. This is a perfect pasttime to me. I love doing the same thing. Sit among all the flowers and beauty of this world.

  2. Hi popping by, Karima from

  3. Benches can be so relaxing. I like the big porch swings myself.

  4. Beautiful! I love photos of benches, they are so inviting, and waiting for someone to step into the scene.

  5. Sounds lovely! It just Mr. Dumpling and I these days so we gravitate to rockers on the front porch. Some of my favorite times.


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