Friday, August 19, 2011

The Big Box of Books

I've had lots of questions about our Big Box of Books, as seen in this Starting Year 12 post. We're up to two full boxes now, and with eight years left, I'll have to find another good box or two.

So what's in the Big Box of Books?

Books. Lots of them.

There are lapbooks…

Our annual About Me books in a variety of styles …

Books made in co-op classes…

And lots and lots of homemade books that go along with our regular studies…

Every year on the first day of school, we spend about an hour going through the boxes. This is where the real memories are. "Oh, I remember this!" And "Awww! Wasn't I cute!"

Our favorite part is probably going through the "All About Me" books that we do every year. We love to compare heights and favorites and all kinds of personal data.

These two boxes are my greatest homeschooling treasures. Besides writing samples, this is pretty much all the "paperwork" I keep. It's not for a portfolio and we would certainly never bring the Big Box of Books and present it to the Dean of Admissions at a prospective college.

It's all for me, and them. If you don't have a big box, start now! Throw away all those math worksheets you've been keeping in a file, and start making some books.

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