Monday, August 29, 2011

Fourteen (14)

My little girl is 14 today. Like any teenager, she spends lots of time interacting with her friends: by text, by phone, by Facebook, in real life. Like most teenage girls, she takes a lot of pictures of herself, alone and with friends (and also of feet). But I don't have had any of those "ergh! I have a teenager" moments with my daughter. The truth is, she is delightful. She is sweet, funny, honest, respectful, agreeable, and creative. Oh, sure— we have little moments here and there when we are short with one another, but that's just life in a family.

She shares her birthday with one of her closest friends (she was 3 or 4 when they met), who is precisely one year older.

Her mom let her spend the night with us. The girls have co-op all day today, so they wanted to make muffins to share with their friends.

We have always taken birthdays off, but today she'll have a full day of classes.

They bought this ribbons to wear on their backpacks. Walmart was out of the Birthday Girl ones, so they improvised.

Duncan and I will do a little school and then clean the house. She loves a clean and freshly decorated house. This evening my parents will come over for dinner (chicken with 40 garlic cloves) and cake (hot fudge cake), celebrating our brown-eyed girl.


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