Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Five Things That Make Me Happy

I'd love to say that things don't make me happy—only people do, but really, there are some things that make me happy.

1. I love this new canvas of Laurel and me. This was taken two falls ago against our old yellow shed. When Easy Canvas Prints asked if I'd review their product, this was the first photograph that came to mind that I knew needed to be on a canvas. I am absolutely thrilled with this gallery-wrapped canvas print! My hope is that I can get a whole wall in my office of different sized canvases with prints of the whole family. I know just which one I will do next: Jesse on his red tractor at age 3. It is incredibly easy to make and order the canvas, and Easy Canvas always has great discounts and special deals. These would make fantastic Christmas and/or birthday presents! (By the way, I have another canvas from a different place, and I have to say that the Easy Canvas print is much, much nicer.)

2. My new laptop sleeve makes me so very happy. I mean, look at it. It's a bunch of viewfinder thingies! Who wouldn't want this? I bought this on Etsy from Bertie's Closet. This seller has dozens of laptop and iPad sleeves, and Laurel and I had a hard time choosing. I love everything about the sleeve—it's high quality, nicely padded, and of course, extremely stylish.

3. My laptop brings me such tremendous happiness. Dr. H. surprised me and got me one for our anniversary. I had no idea how much I would love it. And since we've started back to school, I discovered that is also going to be fantastic for Laurel to use, as well, especially since the kids are both doing Teaching Textbooks for math this year. Laurel can go to her room and do math on the laptop while Duncan does his at the main computer. Awesomeness. (And yes, of course it's a Mac. That's all we use around here.)

4 and 5. My Ryka running shoes and my Nike sport band have revolutionized my running life. I like comfort, and I like to keep track of stuff. The sport band tracks my time, distance, calories, etc. and then I transfer the information onto my own Nike page, so I can track my progress. And see that little pouch? I chose the Ryka shoes before I had the sport band. Part of the sport band includes this little sensor that is supposed to slip inside a Nike shoe. Fortunately, Grantwood technology makes this awesome little pouch that attaches to any running shoe. The sensor slips right in, and off I go. I should add a #6, since we're talking about running: Dr. H. has started running with me! Like me, he's always despised running. He is incredibly fit, but he finally decided that running would help improve his cardiovascular system for hiking. I had been running 5 Ks in the mornings, but I started Couch to 5K again (for the 4th time) so that we could do it together. How much fun is that?

Admit it. You've got a few material goods that just make you happy. What are they?


  1. My Keurig. it cheers me every morning. I get happy just looking at it. I love my Mac too. (Ours is a desktop) I think if I'm a good girl I may get an Ipad for Christmas.... ;o) I wish I loved running....maybe I can take that up once the weather cools down and I find a jogging stroller. =) It's nice to get in shape with your partner. We've been trying to do better ourselves. We hiked to Leconte and back down the same day last month. I'm DYING to do it again!!!! =)

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