Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Last Pinewood Derby

Last night was our 10th and final Pinewood Derby, at least with our own kids: 5 with Jesse and 5 with Duncan. Here is Duncan as a Tiger Cub at his first derby:

And here he is at his final one, last night:

Awww. He's such a sweet, energetic, friendly guy. He was so sad last night because his car didn't do very well. He's been accustomed to getting in the top 10, but something just wasn't right with his car. He held himself together absolutely fine while we were there, but he just melted down with sadness when we got home. Poor little guy.

But joy does come in the morning, and I'm sure he'll wake up cheerful and smiling, ready for a sunny day. And he is more than ready to leave Cub Scouts behind and start his years in Boy Scouts!


  1. So sorry Duncan! Tell him we will need his advice on the derby for next year- Little Wild Man will be entering the Cubs!

  2. That brings back some memories. Too fun!

    Have a great Wednesday!

  3. Awwww! Poor guy. But I bet he's forgotten all about it and is on to other things, right? ;)

    Signs of Spring At Last


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