Friday, November 2, 2012

31 Beautiful Things, Day 31: Us

Whew! Finally! I've come to the end of these 31 days. What an incredible challenge this has been. Finding something beautiful every day is a little harder that it sounds. Some days are exhausting. Some days I am pretty sure I just drive someone somewhere all day long. Some days I had to think really hard  about something beautiful.

But here's the thing: at the heart of it all, when I'm tired and crabby and overcommitted, I have this beautiful family. They are all I ever wanted from life. And so I am ending these 31 Days of Beautiful Things with the most beautiful things of all. (Thank you to my friend Donna for taking our first family picture in absolutely years!)

Here are all my beautiful things posts, inspired by The Nester. I'm a couple of days late in finishing up, but still. 31 posts in 33 days? For sure a record for me. Thanks, readers, for sticking with me during this month! We'll be back to the regularly scheduled programming soon!


  1. Great family picture! Thanks for sharing and inspiring these past 31 days!

  2. Thanks for posting your 31 days of beauty. It made me rethink my own days and stop to see the beauty around here!


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