Monday, November 12, 2012

International Dance and Pageantry Performance

Bezalel School. It's an activity we keep doing year after year, even though at the end of every season we are worn out.
Twelve week of classes and practices and then four days of rehearsals. The kids are exhausted, and I've put some serious mileage on and gas into my van.

And then, it's performance evening, and everything comes together so beautifully that I can't take my eyes off my daughter, dancing with such grace and beauty.

 How does she know how to do all these things? She seems so separate from me at these moments, as her arm curves gracefully above her head and she spins.

And then my boy confidently strides across the stage, saying his lines loud and clear without a microphone. 
There is nothing he'd rather be than one of the shepherds and one of the three "wise guys."

There are about a dozen kids in the class, ranging from age 10-19, and they use white flags in blacklight to do an amazing routine. It's all so beautiful to watch. I wish I could get the darned video to load so you can watch too. :) I love that my kids are part of a school that using the performing arts as an act of worship and celebration.

And now that this performance is over, the holiday season officially begins!

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  1. We loved the performance! During the white flags and black light performance I looked at Luke and said, "isn't that cool?". He said, "Mom...that's not cool...that's awesome!". The kids all did such a great job. I was really impressed.


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