Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Homeschool Memoirs: Agendas

This week's Homeschool Memoirs entry feels a bit like cheating because I just did this the other day for Heart of the Matter's Friday meme. The assignment today calls for our Homeschool Agendas for the upcoming year, and here is mine.

Since I've done the majority of this assignment already, I'll elaborate on a few things. I reference our "enrichment class" program several times on my agenda. We have a fantastic program in our support group. We offer about 40 classes on Mondays (10 per hour), ranging from art to Hands-on Shakespeare to lapbooking, with everything in between. There are roughly 10 kids per class, although some have as many as 20 and some as few as 5. Parents must stay and must volunteer at least one hour each week. High schoolers can be dropped off.

I usually teach 2-3 of the hours; this semester I'm taking a break and just teaching one class (basic essay writing for 5th-8th graders). I normally teaching some kind of writing or grammar class, but I've also taught Readers' Theatre (great fun) and a geography class for early elementary. Last year I taught American Lit for high schoolers, and that was a fantastic experience. I plan to teach British Lit next year. (Great experience but I did need a break!)

(This will be the first year that my oldest isn't participating in Monday Fun, although he is taking chemistry and geometry, both taught by homeschooling dads, on different days. Yesterday Jesse had his first college course. He's taking music appreciation at our local community college, and he loved it.)

Homeschool Memoirs also asks for a Bible verse that inspires us each year, and again I'll link to another post: rooted and established in love.

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  1. Busy, busy, busy! Homeschooling the older ones is really a lot more work than teaching a little one to read. :-)

    I teach writing, also, at a homeschool co-op. The strange thing is, I won't be bringing any little ones along with me, and they are actually paying me $$$. Go figure!

    My DD decided not to have me bring her kids along to take advantage of the co-op. That does make it easier for me.

  2. Thank you for sharing your agenda/schedule! I am a new homeschooler so I am gleaning from all the veterans. :D
    I am hoping to be able to be in a co-op next year. :D

  3. Hope you have a great school year! :)


  4. I would love to have a coop like that in our area. Hope you have a wonderful year.

  5. Im also teaching writing this year in our co-op. Our co-op isnt nearly as big as yours is. I decided not to join the big ones this year. Your schedule looks fun and challenging.

  6. We used to be a part of a homeschool coop where the kids could take classes. It was a good experience but we just don't seem to have enough people willing to teach - most just want to leave their kids and do something else.


  7. Thanks for sharing your plans. We don't participate in a co-op, but you shared a lot of interesting information on classes! I agree with Suzy:
    Homeschooling the older ones is really a lot more work than teaching a little one to read.

    I love it when our older children can tell us what interests them and basically research and study and learn on their own.

    Busy busy is right!!
    Have a great homeschool year!

  8. What a great coop you have! We've looked but never found one that clicks with us (and is close enough to warrant driving back and forth)

  9. Your enrichment classes look great! We are hoping to start something similar but it's slow going. ;-)

  10. Sounds like you are blessed with a wonderful support group! Have a great year!

  11. It sounds like you have a great homeschool group. I'm really interested in the Readers' Theater and what you teach for that. If your willing and have time, would you mind emailing me personally about that?

    Here's my link:

  12. Wow your hs group sounds awesome! A nice fit for your family. Have a blessed year!


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