Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Tuesday Miscellany

It is Tuesday, isn't it? Between being on vacation and being in summer, I tend to lose track of the days. For the past many years, the kids and I have come to my parents' home in upstate New York during the first 2 weeks of August. This year Dr. H is actually with us, which is incredibly special. But I was thinking how much I love coming here at this particular time because at home, back in Tennessee, the prevalent mantra is "Summer's over! Back to school!"

I feel all hemmed in and claustrophobic by that. Summer is not over on July 31. August is the hottest month. August is for swimming and camping and sleeping late. August is for dry grass, crispy under bare feet, and the less anxious buzz of crickets. I don't want schedules and new pencils in August.

Perhaps heading north, where schools still start after Labor Day, is my escape device. I'm not sure what we'll do next summer, assuming my parents have sold their house by then, but we'll surely be heading somewhere else to prolong that feeling of a long summer.

* Speaking of selling the house, my parents thus far have only stuck a few "For Sale by Owner" signs by the house and at the end of the road. And each day, they've had about 5 phone inquiries and even a few drop-by people. Everyone wants a house on the lake. This may be a much quicker sale than any of us anticipated, and I think we're all a little shell-shocked. Is it really happening so soon?

* Over at SmallWorld Reads, I keep track of and review books I'm reading and participate in a variety of reading/writing-themed groups: The Sunday Salon, Sunday Scribblings, Weekly Geeks, and Booking Through Thursday. If you are a book lover, you might enjoy checking out some of these groups (links are on my reading blog). I probably think too much about books, but participating in these groups has definitely given new direction to my reading and writing life.

* Books Read in July (click on titles for reviews)
The Sky Isn't Visible From Here (Felicia Sullivan)
More Than You Know (Beth Gutcheon)
Blue Ridge (TR Pearson)
Briar Rose (Jane Yolen)
Unaccustomed Earth (Jhumpa Lahiri)

Discarded in July (and thus, the worst book of the month):
The Ten-Year Nap (Meg Wolitzer)

Best Book of the Month:
Unaccustomed Earth, but closely followed by The Sky Isn't Visible From Here

* On today's agenda: a little shopping and hopefully a little swimming, if the rain holds off. The wind is perfect for sailing, if I can get my Dad to put up the sails...


  1. Are you sure YOU can't buy the house and then rent it out each summer to a certain redhead and her family?

  2. You are SO right. Summer is NOT over and yet the Government Skrools started back today in Jefferson County. Now, I have to slow down again as the silly schools do their thing for the long duration and restart their miseducation into evilution, perversion, political correctness, and general atheism ad nauseum.

    It is truly time for a separation of school from state, IMNSHO.

    Enjoy the summer because this is the middle of it NOT the end!!!!

  3. I was wondering the same thing as the last commenter. Why don't YOU buy the house on the water??! haha Man, being from Alaska where a 70 degree day feels like a scorcher, swimming in a lake is virtually unheard of! But when I was a kid, growing up in California, those were where some of my best memories were made, at the lake, in AUGUST - which, in Alaska, has proved to be our month of this summer by the way!

    Hope all is well,



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