Friday, August 8, 2008

Three Beautiful Things: 60 Years

Today—on 8/8/08— my parents are celebrating their 60th wedding anniversary. I could list hundreds of beautiful things about that, but instead I'll just share three photos of them today. They began their day early with a sunrise canoe ride and spent the day relaxing with their grandchildren. (My mom did try to get my dad to mow the lawn at one point.) We fixed them a fabulous meal this evening, complete with the china my father brought back from Japan after the Korean War, my great-grandmother's wedding cake stand, and the flower vase the decorated my parents' wedding cake. It was a simple day, without elaborate parties and gifts, as my parents wished. For them there is nothing more special than family and the comfort of home.


  1. Awesome!! Hey, your dad has an Oregon shirt on--go Dad!

  2. That truly is beautiful. And oh yeah, cool shirt! (from a former Oregonian.)


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