Monday, August 25, 2008

Monday Memory: The Reunion

I've blogged before about The Reunion, but lately there's been a new, ongoing reunion of sorts as more and more of my college friends are joining Facebook. I've reconnected with people I haven't seen in twenty years, and the world becomes even smaller and cozier. What a nice feeling. I've been inspired to pull old photos out of albums and frames, and I've enjoyed looking at photos that others have posted from our days at Milligan College and later.

I'd love to have a Reunion at my house, but I'd include not only these friends, but others that I've reconnected with on Facebook now, in my adult life—people that I'm learning I have so much in common with.

I don't know if we'll ever have another reunion, although I expect we will. But I do know that I have been blessed so abundantly in this life with friends and memories of incredible times spent together. And that is a continuing prayer for my children: that they will be blessed by beautiful friendships.

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  1. I remember you guys were all such good, tight friends. What a neat way to remember and get back together.

    I hope you all do it again -- I'm sure you'll have a blast!!

    . . .and yes, Facebook is a reunion in itself!


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