Thursday, September 11, 2008

Three Beautiful Things: Girls, Boys, Crockpot

1. Seventy-five beautiful girls in their red, white, and blue uniforms for the first day of our sixth year of American Heritage Girls.

2. Half that many little boys running around the same church in blue and yellow for the first day of Cub Scouts. Boys in yellow and blue; girls in red, white, and blue. Chaos, laughter, smiles, new faces, familiar faces, sweet little hands on my arm.

3. Passing my husband, the Cubmaster, and my little Cub Scout in their car on the way home while my daughter and I were in the van. How my heart soared to see those two beautiful guys in their uniforms in the car next to me and know they belonged to me. And at home, a crockpot full of Thai chicken and basil. And one more sweet son happy to see us all return from an afternoon of scouting.


  1. What a beautiful thing!

    My husband just left on a 10 day trip with our 11 yr old. They are going 'home' to Ohio for a vacation (and business trip). I dropped them off at the train station and am excited they get to spend this time together. It will be over Ki's birthday, too. So he'll be 12 when he gets home.

  2. That is so sweet. Sometimes seeing those we love from afar gives us a different perspective. I love to watch my husband and son working together!

  3. hey ... yu lainim mi Thai chicken? Mi gat crockpot. Yu givim recipe long mipela? Tank yu tru.
    you also must be sure to tell me what wonderful things you are speaking on at the maraville libary. how my heart sighs with all the places I would also like to go besides here. sumpela tim ... long twopela yea.

  4. Gotta have the Thai Chicken recipe!!!


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