Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Homeschool Memoirs #10: Ten Timely Facts About Me

Today's theme at Homeschool Memoirs is "Timely Facts": "This is our 10th Homeschool Memoirs so this week it’s going to be about 10 timely facts about you! Write 10 interesting, crazy, weird, fun facts about you!"

1. I cannot pour a cup of coffee without spilling.

2. I sleep with a pillow over my head.

3. When I was pregnant with my daughter, my favorite food was cream cheese and green olives on an onion bagel.

4. I have skied in the Alps.

5. I hardly ever shave my legs in the winter.

6. I have incredibly strong fingernails that never break and grow fast, but I am not a fingernail kind of person.

7. My creative writing thesis from graduate school is one of my favorite things.

8. I am most comfortable with college friends and homeschooling friends.

9. I follow a certain schedule every morning, and I don't like for my schedule to be interrupted.

10. I really do LOL, especially when friends are posting pictures on Facebook from college.

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(I opted out of Memoir #9)
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  1. Loved reading your facts! Thanks for sharing them with us.

  2. Thanks for sharing your facts. I love your leaf pictures on your blog as well. They are gorgeous. I love this time of year, too quickly past though.

  3. Ditto on the shaving legs in the Winter!

    Enjoyed your list!


  4. Thanks for sharing . . . I too enjoy facebook

  5. Interesting facts. I shave my legs in the winter, but not very often. Probably once every two weeks, when I start to look like Chewbacca. :-)

  6. I enjoyed reading your facts and visiting your blog.

  7. Sarah,
    I thought everbody did number 2 on your list??? Isn't that the normal way to sleep??

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  8. Oh, secrets revealed! So interesting and unique!

  9. I barely shave my legs in the winter, either. That's an interesting pregnancy craving. LOL.

  10. your cream cheese olive on onion bagel sounds really good!!

    that was fun. thanks for sharing.

  11. Oh, you're interesting! I don't like having my schedule interrupted, either. :)

  12. Ooo, Papua New Guinea!!! No, I haven't made any books. I've just been perusing & playing with digital elements. I'm sure I'll get there, though. :)

    I'll post some yummy Thai recipes ;).

  13. Great reading your facts! I have done #4 and still do #5. :D LOL! :D

    Thanks for sharing!

  14. Oh, you're lucky you like your creative writing thesis. I trashed mine and started over for my first book. I'm going to check out those FB games you mentioned. I like Scramble and Word Twist. We should be FB friends!

  15. I'm not pregnant, but #3 sounds good to me! I can also identify with #5! Great list!

  16. What a fun Ten Timely Things! I spill coffee even when pouring the water into the machine.

    And I LOL, too. I think DH suspects I am going crazy!

    Thank you for sharing,

  17. I love number 5, I'm with you on that!


  18. I enjoyed your list! Thanks for sharing!

  19. It is hard to find someone of FB if you didn't go to school with them! Let's see, my name is listed with no middle name, and my network, Northern Indiana should come up. Also in my profile picture I have dark hair and glasses and am holding a baby.

  20. Interesting facts. I shave less frequently during the winter but I still have.

    This one was harder for me than last week's assignment.


  21. I can't pour coffee without spilling either. I enjoy reading 10 timely facts about you.

  22. Thanks for sharing your list ... I don't like shaving my legs in winter, either (but then I really hate the feel of stubble when it rubs against the jeans)...oh well! It's not a perfect world!


  23. i can't stand having hairy legs. actually, what i really can't stand is having pokey stubble legs. hairy might not be too bad, but i can't get past the pokey stubble to make it to plain old 'hairy'.

  24. I enjoyed your list. I,too,like to stick to my schedule in the mornings. :-)



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