Friday, December 12, 2008

Three Beautiful Things: Japan, Softness, Chocolate

1. Journey to Japan. A local, as-yet-unopened Montessori school has been doing classes for homeschoolers this month. For five days in December, the kids are at the school learning all about Japan, from cooking to art to culture, and everything in-between. Nearly all of the 13 other kids are great friends of my kids, and they have been having a blast. And I've had four (so far) 5-hour days to catch up on things. For a homeschooling mom, five hours to oneself is almost incomprehensible. The other days I had meetings or shopping to do, but today I stayed home and did catch-up jobs at home. I can see my counters!

2. Slippers and a very soft blanket. Yesterday we had our annual American Heritage Girls Christmas Tea, and Caroline and I, as co-coordinators, were presented with an abundance of purely lovely gifts. Tonight I am enjoying being slathered in lotion that smells fabulous and wearing new slippers, and I'm about to go cover up in my new outrageously soft blanket to read.

3. Chocolate. As if I didn't get enough delectables at the Christmas Tea, Randy came home today with a box of Godiva chocolates from a former graduate student. I will probably be feeling woozy by the night's end.

What beautiful things are in your life lately?


  1. ...and while doing all that...smelling some starbucks coffee brewing...come on, do I get no credit?!

  2. The Japanese class sounds wonderful! I would love to find something similar to that in our area. 2 yrs ago my daughter did a 2-week long full-day class on Ancient Egypt and it was amazing how much I could get done when I wasn't focusing on school!

  3. My Wednesday mornings (about 3 hours) are my time to catch up on everything while the kids are off at music and Spanish... I get a lot more done around the house!

    A good book, a soft blanket, and some chocolate sounds great! BTW, I wanted to thank you - I picked up a copy of D. Ramsey's Total Money Makeover at the library, and dh and I are excited to begin in January!


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