Monday, January 19, 2009

Monday Memory: High School Sports

Facebook continues to stimulate a flurry of remembering. These past several months it's been college friends sharing memories; now, suddenly, my high school classmates are getting in on the Facebook frenzy. It seems like a new classmate or two join every day. Yesterday I dug a box out of storage that hasn't even been untaped since we moved from Iowa over nine years ago. Most of my high school photo albums were in the box, so I had fun posting a bunch of photos on Facebook.

I think the one above cracks me up about the most. This was a cheerleading competition during my one-year stint as a basketball cheerleader. (I am the one who felt it necessary to make our short skirts even shorter; please excuse me. Modesty was not one of my stronger suits back then.) But what really cracks me up is that I even was a cheerleader. I'm quite sure I was dreadful. Admittedly, I am not the cheerleading type. But it was tremendously fun for the most part, and I'm glad I broadened my horizons a bit that year.

My real sport was swimming. I started swimming competitively with our junior varsity team in seventh grade. We had an amazing swim team for all six years, from JV to varsity. We weren't necessarily a team that other teams feared, but we were very close and had a blast. Without a doubt, swim team was the best experience of my high school years.

During my junior and senior years, our relay got to go to sectionals in Rochester, NY. That's our relay team my senior year. I don't remember much about sectionals except that the day was a fresh spring one, with just a hint of winter still lingering. I also remember that we got to eat at T.G.I. Friday's afterwards, and I thought that was pretty awesome. I have no idea if we did well or if, more likely, we got blasted by the bigger Rochester schools, but the feeling of camraderie still sticks. And that's the meat of memory.


  1. I do love seeing pictures of you "back in the day!" And love that pink ruffled shirt your friend is wearing with that skirt...wonder if that would come in maternity now a days? ;)

  2. I joined Facebook a couple of months back too and have found tons of friends from school. It's been fun to reconnect with people and it has brought back fond memories. My big sport was volleyball (in H.S. and community college). I really miss playing.

    By the way, I love the pictures! :)

  3. Whee! Nice leg shot there. :) I went to a large high school and don't have much of a connection with it or anyone from there anymore... it is funny to look back at old high school photos, though. Just seeing the clothes we used to wear is sometimes great entertainment!

  4. i've connected with a couple high school friends on here and it is definitely fun.

    i was on the drill team. i'm sure by default:). there just weren't that many girls! i was also in band and that is where the bulk of my high school memories are....

    we wore short skirts too! i mean, who can do a high kick in anything below thigh level:).

  5. it's so surreal. Just this last week two of my old friends from High School found me. It is so odd to go back and remember, but it's neat

  6. I wonder if I showed a little leg in my blog post or on my website would I increase responses. GO Team!

    (What is the cheerleader type anyway?) (with no legs showing)

  7. Oh does this bring back memories! The 80s hair. Ha! And look at those sandals. I had a pair of those brown ones. Boy, do I feel ancient. LOL I was on FB a while back but I didn't connect with any former classmates. They probably wouldn't recognize me anyway. I was sooo skinny.


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