Friday, January 2, 2009

The Year in Review: My Favorite Posts

I've spent a few hours here and there over the past few days skimming posts from 2008. I wrote somewhere around 235 posts in 2008, although that's not exactly accurate because I didn't include my book review posts. Sometime in late spring I began SmallWorld Reads and moved my book reviews and book talk over there. I moved my blog (post by post) from to blogspot in July, and I must say I'm enjoying blogspot much more.

I love blogging. People often ask, "How do you have time to blog?" The answer is, simply, that I make time. I've kept journals since the age of 9. I have stacks of pretty journals—hard cover, squishy covers, spiral-bound— in a box in my closet. Someday I will read through them all and remember where I was when I wrote in each one. My written journaling became quite sporadic the older I got until I was journaling only once a year or so. Blogging has reawakened that love—that passion— I had of recording daily life, with the added bonus of photos. And so, my favorite posts of 2008…

Favorite "this is my life" posts: Is This Normal? and In the Bathroom
Favorite Monday Memory: Brothers Again
Biggest Event: A Momentous Day
Post that Makes Me Choke Up: Birthday Boy
Best Homeschooling Post: Snorkeling and Such
Best Photos: Baby Photo Contest

Favorite "this is my life" post: Reading Through the Decades
Favorite Monday Memory: Flips and Such
Biggest Event: Tell Us Your Love Story Contest
Post that Makes Me Choke Up: The Lost Ones
Best Homeschooling Post: To Test or Not to Test
Best Photo: Our Love Story


Favorite "this is my life" post: A Bouquet and Other Such Frivolity
Favorite Monday Memory: Little Niece
Biggest Events: Fifteen Years Ago I Became a Mom and Nineteen (19) and Exciting News
Post That Makes Me Choke Up: Snapshot
Best Homeschooling Post: Lapbooking Resources
Best Photos: Cades Cove Day

Favorite "this is my life" post: A Corner of the House
Favorite Monday Memory: Grandbabies
Biggest Event: In Just-spring Mudluscious Poetry Contest
Post That Makes Me Choke Up: Can Someone Please Tell Me…?
Best Homeschooling Post: What I've Learned from Homeschooling
Best Photos: Meeting Abigail

Favorite "this is my life" post: A Splendid Day for Bad Mom and Gobs of Chocolate
Favorite Monday Memory: Crossing Over
Biggest Event: Williamsburg, Jamestown, and Yorktown
Post That Makes Me Choke Up: To War
Best Homeschooling Post: Revolutionary War Lapbooks
Best Photos: Monday Morning in Our Own Small World

Favorite "this is my life" post: I Got Distracted and Summer Projects
Biggest Event and Post That Makes Me Choke Up: To Mexico, At Last
Best Homeschooling Post: Our Year of American History
Best Photos: In the Smokies

Favorite "this is my life" posts: Summer Project Completed and About Me
Biggest Event: Moving to Blogspot Housewarming Party
Post That Makes Me Choke Up: On Moving and Memories
Best Homeschooling-ish Post: What's for Supper?
Best Photos: Camping Is Good for the Soul

Favorite "this is my life" posts: On Shaun Cassidy and Parker Stevenson and On Being in My Hometown and Three Beautiful Things
Favorite Monday Memory: The Reunion
Biggest Event: 60 Years
Posts That Make Me Choke Up: My Daughter, Eleven and Today's Treasures
Best Homeschooling Post: Playing School
Best Photos: My Daughter, Eleven


Favorite "this is my life" posts: Botany with a Botanist and Girls, Boys, Crockpot
Favorite Monday Memory: Engaged
Biggest Event: Linda Hobar seminar
Post That Make Me Choke Up: On Facebook and Reconnecting
Best Homeschooling Post: On the Trail with Lewis and Clark and National Punctuation Day
Best Photos: Summer Photo Essay

Favorite "this is my life" posts: I Like My Friends and I Survived the Fall Festival
Favorite Monday Memory: In Memory of randy landry
Biggest Events: Alumni Weekend and Soup and Pumpkin Party
Post That Makes Me Choke Up: In Memory of randy landry
Best Homeschooling Post: Platitudes and Misconceptions: Why Aren't You Using Your Degree?
Best Photos: Young Archaeologists


Favorite "this is my life" posts: I Was a Census Enumerator
Favorite Monday Memory: In Iowa
Biggest Events: The Miracle of the Flower Petals and Veterans' Day Parade
Post That Makes Me Choke Up: Our First Ceremony
Best Homeschooling Post: Let's Play a Game
Best Photos: At the End of a Week and The Miracle of the Flower Petals

Favorite "this is my life" post: Mother/Daughter/Grandmother Tea and Birthday Party Day
Favorite Monday Memories: Scary Movies and Total Money Makeover
Biggest Events: Waterpark Day and Christmas Highlights
Best Homeschooling Post(s!): Carnival of Homeschooling
Posts That Make Me Choke Up: First Christmases
Best Homeschooling Post: Chores
Best Photos: Christmas Tree Day

Lots of you have participated in the First Sentence meme; if you're feeling extra ambitious, you might do your own favorites post! I can say that I truly enjoyed going through this past year of our life in SmallWorld and being reminded of how truly blessed I am.


  1. I agree, you just have to make time to blog. People ask me that too. How do you have time?

    I enjoyed reading and remembering some of your favorite posts with you. Neat idea!

  2. I have a box of journals in my closet too....I read a page or 2 when I come across the box while looking for other's interesting to read. Blogging is similar for me....except I don't pour my heart out like I did in those books.

  3. That's a lot of favorites!! annd some time to go through annd record all your favorites like that! Great Idea, though!!

    I have found the busier my homeschooling life is, the more I blog. weird. or not. I think I tend to make more time to blog the more I have on my plate. as a way to relax or get things off my chest and out of my head- like a release valve maybe.

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