Wednesday, March 17, 2010


The Carnival of Homeschooling is up at Beverly's Homeschooling Blog.

Of particular interest to me:
* Alasandra addresses that dumb AP article that's circulating wildly. Yeah. What she said.

* The Thinking Mother ruminates on the slacking teen. I hate to be thought of as dishonest, but I have to say that my teen is great, and I really mean that. But it occurs to me that some might define his sleeping until 11 a.m. as being a slacker. Perhaps I should go wake him up.

* I'm always interested in posts that deal with high schoolers, and this one is so utterly different than what's happening in our family that I had to read it twice. Mandatory marriage by 21 always surprises me, although I've heard families in our own support group embrace this philosophy. Not for us, but I do find people interesting.

I also contributed the latest WordSmithery lesson. I really do intend to publish the next one sooner.

There are a bunch of carnivals out there that interest me. I enjoy reading posts of all kinds whether I agree with the author or not, although I must admit I only scan if the grammar is atrocious or the layout cumbersome. Or if there are too many ads. I could read carnivals all day, but then I really would be a slacker.


  1. hmmm...not sure what to say about the blog wit hthe expectation of marriage by 21...didn't you and I have a discussion this week about getting married at 18?...hmmmm...

  2. not sure either what to think of the expectation of marriage by 21. i also think it's interesting that they may stop reading the books if they get married.


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