Saturday, March 6, 2010

Weekly Wrap-Up

* Co-op. I had a sore throat but persevered. My essay classes read their fantastic persuasive essays, and our literature circle class began its poster presentations on a famous African-American. Today we had Rosa Parks, Martin Luther King Jr., and Bessie Harvey, a world-renown artist whose granddaughter just happens to be in our class. Actually, her mom and I co-teach the class. It was awesome to have Clea talk about this famous artist and then tell the class that Bessie was her grandmother. History touches the present--always an awesome moment.

* Awesome free download from Curr-Click today: another human body unit study freebie, which is perfect for continuing study of the human body.

* Celebrated Dr. Seuss's birthday by reading The Lorax and playing the Dr. Seuss Trivia game. This was a gift to us years ago from a sweet friend, and it was a perfect way to celebrate. I'm always amazed, when we play this game, at how many Dr. Seuss books I've never encountered.

My new friend Amber, who is in my homeschooling group but whom I first met through blogging, did really awesome stuff for Dr. Seuss week that makes me look really lame-o. Seriously, this Horton Breakfast is too fantastic, and that's just one of the Seussian posts!
* Dance and drama for Laurel in the afternoon; Duncan goes to my parents' house for games and walks and all kinds of good stuff.
* Pinewood Derby in the evening!

* We worked a lot on our human body lapbooks today. That's all I remember. I ate a lot of cough drops.

* Regular stuff, plus flute lessons and preparing for Homeschooling 101.

* Nearly finished two read-alouds. Laurel did lots of ALEKs math today. We're still on a trial subscription, and she really warmed up to it this time around. I may actually consider buying another month's subscription if that's possible.
* We discussed the first two acts of Much Ado About Nothing in my world lit class and then watched those same two acts in the 1993 Kenneth Branagh movie. The class absolutely loved it and begged to watch the rest, but I stuck to my guns and am making them read the rest before we finish watching it.

* We had our annual Homeschooling 101 through our support group. I've been sick all week and was happy to feel well enough to do this event. I posted a few years ago about how we run our Homeschooling 101. If your support group doesn't provide something like that, please start one! This is an incredibly valuable resource for new and potential homeschoolers. And here's Amber's musings on Homeschooling 101. (I swear I'm not stalking her!)

And that's the week, wrapped up. I know I forgot about 80% of what we did this week, but hopefully the kids didn't. I'm feeling much, much better and looking forward to feeling more like myself next week. Wrap up your own week at Weird, Unsocialized Homeschoolers' Weekly Wrap-Up.


  1. Your week included Denzel Washington in riding attire. Nothing else matters. :)


  2. The TOS Crew reviewed Aleks earlier in the year.
    You can buy a month at a time. There should be info there about how the pricing works.

    I hope you are feeling better!

  3. I loved that you celebrated Dr. Suess's birthday even though you were sick. I gave you a reading award on my blog:)

  4. You are too funny Sarah! I am HONORED to have a shout out from you on your BE-A-U-TIFUL blog! (How many cough drops have you been we need an intervention?)


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