Monday, July 26, 2010

Monday Memory: Summer on the Lake

This has been a hot, hot summer so far. I don't think we've ever had a hotter one in the 10 years we've lived here. My daughter is now a year past the play-with-toys age and fully into the "what should I do?" age. I dislike labels, but she really is a 'tween, even though she'll be a real teen in a month.

I was thinking about what I did when I was that age during the long summer days. I don't really remember being bored, although I suppose I must have been at times. I am pretty sure my life consisted of four things: reading, lying out in the sun, talking on the phone, and playing in the lake.

When I was 14, 16, and 17, I got new playthings: baby nieces. Sometimes they lived near us, sometimes they didn't; but I loved to pass the time with those little girls. They are all grown now with babies of their own.

This is my first summer in perhaps my whole life not to visit my hometown in upstate New York in the summer. I think there might have been a couple of years when we lived in Iowa that I couldn't make it there. But now our house belongs to someone else. He kept our sail boat, and I hope he spends some hot summer afternoons catching a bit of wind on Seneca. I hope he invites some friends over for an evening bonfire and watches the big orange moon rise over the water.

It would be enough to make me weep, if I hadn't done all my weeping already.

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  1. The lake is SO much fun! We have quite a few gorgeous lakes around here, but I'm sure they're quite different from the one's in NY. It has been incredibly hot this summer. I can't handle going outside for five minutes. It's unbearable. Makes me wonder how I ever carried 20+ extra lbs. of baby in 2008. Thanks for the compliment on my pregger photo. =) It's one of my absolute fav's too!!! Hope you have a nice, cool day today!


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